Election Conduct Best Practices

Use of Municipal Resources for Election Campaigns

Based on the principle of political neutrality in local government administration and to ensure the democratic process is transparent and fair, some key principles regarding the use of municipal resources for election campaigns are outlined below.


  • All candidates will be treated equally.
  • All candidates will have equal access to information. Information provided to one candidate will be shared with all candidates.
  • After August 30 in an election year, all requests for information from candidates will be submitted to the Director of Corporate Services and responses will be shared on the Let’s Talk Parksville election platform.

City Resources:

  • City resources must not be used to further a campaign. This may include, but is not limited to, using City equipment, supplies, staff time, or finances for items such as preparing, printing, distributing, or displaying signage, brochures, or related campaign material; using photos commissioned by the municipality, holding a meeting on campaign business, etc. 
  • City facilities or property must not be used for candidate campaign events or activities. This includes public parks and sidewalks in front of City-owned property.
  • City facilities or property must not be used to post or display campaign advertising.
  • The City logo should not be used on campaign material.

Note: These principles do not prevent a member of Council who is also a candidate from performing their duties or representing the interests of their constituents. 

See also:  Election Signs and Advertising Policy No. 3.40