Financial Information

Council established a budget cap of $50 million for all aspects of design and construction of the facility. Estimated cost for consultants’ fees and site assessments during the detailed design phase over the next two years is $4.5 million.

As we are still early in the project, the public has yet to provide input in such areas as scope, final design components, operating model, programming options, etc. These elements will directly affect the final costs of the project and to taxpayers. Regional participation will be a key element in determining the cost of the project for taxpayers. If the service costs are shared by electoral areas, the per household cost for Parksville residents will be reduced. 

The multiplex project, through a referendum, will require approval of electors to proceed to construction. This will occur when there is more information on the costs and the final project design. The design consultant will provide financial costing estimates and scenarios as the project progresses to the next phase. We anticipate grants will be available and Council will establish a governance framework and identify key decision thresholds throughout the next phases. 

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