Gathering Plaza

The gathering plaza project was identified as a short-term action item in the 2017 Community Park Master Plan. The new plaza will serve as the focal point for activity in the park and provide a space for food services, music, art, and gathering. In 2019, Council approved a grant application which secured funding for the development of an outdoor theatre and gathering plaza in the Parksville Community Park. The project is now substantially complete and open to the public with some minor finishing yet to come. Beyond creating a new space in the park for gathering and social events, a core goal of this project was to increase accessibility and pedestrian movement in the heart of the park. A key element to achieve better accessibility was the removal of curbing and elevation changes and the new raised speed table on Sandcastle Drive adjacent to the plaza supports a consistent and accessible elevation while also calming traffic through this busy pedestrian area.

Council Report - February 22, 2023
Contract Award – Gathering Plaza and Incidental Works

New Gathering Plaza