Phase 1 - Feasibility

Phase 1 (How we got here)
The concept for construction of a new swimming pool in Parksville arose from the Mayor’s Roundtable event and community engagement sessions held in early 2019. Through in-person meetings and resident surveys, Council determined their five strategic priority areas for their term of office. Recreation and economic development were identified as two of the key priorities approved in the 2019-2022 strategic plan.

Council believes there is strong public support for investment in a swimming pool within Parksville boundaries to enhance community well-being, local recreational and fitness opportunities and attract and retain young families. Council is interested in the economic benefits of developing sports tourism facilities to serve residents and visitors; however, the primary focus is a pool and multiplex facility. The community activity centre or multiplex would also serve as a meeting or gathering space, becoming the hub for both sports and non-sports activities. 

In July 2019, Council directed staff to prepare a business case for the construction of a swimming pool, recreation centre and multiplex for the City of Parksville and in September 2019, directed staff to proceed with a request for proposals. HDR Architecture Associates, Inc. was chosen as the consultant tasked to examine the feasibility of a swimming pool and multiplex within City limits. This work included identifying funding models and a range of options for size and scale of use of the facility. Consultants were engaged to provide expert input and recommendations. Construction budgets were provided for the concept design options. Through consultation with an expert in recreation centre operations, several strategies and key insights on operating costs for this type of facility were also provided. 

A new multiplex facility would create synergy between all ages and provide a place to bring people together; young families as well as active seniors. New rental housing and multi-family housing development now underway in Parksville will provide much needed housing for families with young children encouraged to move to our region. 

There will be many steps in this process as the City moves this exciting project forward; steps which include developing the concept design further and a robust public engagement strategy to facilitate input from the Parksville community. 

Feasibility Study
The Feasibility Study for an Aquatic and Multiplex Facility was completed by HDR Architecture Associates in November 2020. This study details the processes engaged throughout the study; input, strategies and analysis from engagement with community members, Council, City staff and design professionals.

During the feasibility study, consultants were engaged to provide expert input and recommendations. The study provides background, information about a test site, valuable input from a series of engagement sessions as well as a needs assessment for Parksville to operate its own pool and multiplex facility. The study documents and the findings concluded there is a need for this facility in Parksville. 


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